"How Can I Help?" In Management Club, like all volunteer organizations, many hands make for light work. We would love to have any donations of time and effort that you can give. Please look over this list and see what appeals to you. There's a place for everybody! Just contact the chairperson in charge of any area you are interested in.



Assist in signing up new members; explaining benefits of the club; helping members feel welcome.

community involvement

Assemble events for the club to participate in; work with the local community to identify worthy events; inform members of opportunities to assist.

programs, forums & tours

Handle money and ticket sales for club membership events, and support dinner meetings.


Assemble events for the club to participate in; work with the local community to identify worthy events; inform members of opportunities to assist.

Dinner Dance

Provide ideas for themes, locations, menus, artwork, decorations, publicity, tickets, and sales. Gather venue information, contribute to decision process.


Handle clothing orders and sales to members.


Coordinate with Facilities Committee to determine, schedule, and obtain audio and video equipment to support speaker requirements. Work with PA systems, microphones, computers, and projectors.

Budget Planning

While typically limited to elected club officials, budget planning entails assembling the budget for the upcoming year, in particular allocating for planned activities and special events.

Charters & Policies

Provide updates to the club constitution. Assemble policies to handle an ever changing world and workplace. Put together appropriate voting structure to approve changes.


Coordinate with venues to put on events. Includes planning, scheduling, costs, menus, decorations, stage needs, speaker requirements, payments, and handling problems.


Manage club meetings according to parliamentary rules; be familiar with Robert's Rules of Order.


Keep club records. Handle photographs and other memorabilia. Properly sort and store materials for use in albums and club events as required.


Find creative ways to communicate with members. Includes, but is not limited to: flyers, email broadcasts, graphics design, posters, banners, easel placement, printing, coordination, photographing events, and web publication.

Personnel Recognition

Handle details necessary to sign members up for payroll deductions. Interface with retirees' organization; coordinate communications with retirees; produce officer and lifetime membership badges.

Raffles & Prizes

Come up with creative, new, and exciting prizes for club members to win. Handle raffle budget and payments. Coordinate prize purchases and handling. Pass out prizes to winners, handle issues, pose for photographs, may perform public speaking. Should be comfortable with impromptu events.

Secretary Assistant

Assist Club Secretary with administrative activities associated with managing records and producing reports. Be ready to scribe meetings, generate powerpoint charts, and coordinate Board of Control meetings between multiple sites.

Treasurer Backup

Assist Club Treasurer with matters pertaining to club funds. Handle cash and check transactions, participate on budget committee, resolve and reconcile accounts, produce necessary reports and complete tax related forms.

Sergeant at Arms Backup

Ensure U.S. and state flags are present and in proper location at club meetings. Be prepared to address the audience and conduct them in reciting the pledge of allegiance.