Scott Sommer


Scott Sommer is currently the Manager of the Sector’s Overhead Budget Organization.

As NGMC President, he presides over all meetings of the Club & Board of Control.


Joel Cleveland

Vice President, Los Angeles

Joel Cleveland is Director, Global Logistics & Modernization for the Sector.

As NGMC Vice President, he is responsible for the activities of the Programs, Forums and Tours, and Publicity committees. Additionally, Joel performs the duties of the Club’s President in his absence.


Suzanne La Rue Haladyna

Vice President, Antelope valley

Suzanne La Rue Haladyna is Director, Mission Assurance Military Aircraft Systems Division in Antelope Valley.

As NGMC Vice President, Antelope Valley, she is responsible for the activities of the Programs, Forums and Tours, and Publicity committees at the Antelope Valley Site.


Herb Sims

Sergeant at Arms

Herb Sims is the Director of Equal Employment Opportunity & Diversity, Northrop Grumman Corporate Office.

The Sergeant at Arms shall maintain order at all special and regular meetings. The Sergeant at Arms is also responsible for the activities of the Historian, Facilities and Security committee.


Kathy Melamed


Kathy Melamed is in Post Production Cost Management for F/A-18 Tactical Systems Post Production Programs.

As Treasurer, she is responsible for receiving all Club moneys which are deposited to the credit of the Club. The Treasurer and Budget Committee chairperson work together to compromise a budget committee to develop a current fiscal year budget for the management of Club finances and make such reports. The Treasurer is also responsible for the Tickets, Raffles and Prizes, and Community Involvement Committees.


Jennifer Hrzic


Jennifer Hrzic is currently the Global Supply Chain Program Manager for the AMP Program.

As secretary she is present at all meetings of the Club, the Board of Control, and the Executive BOC, and keeps the minutes of all organizational meetings. She also performs any other duties pertaining to the office as designated by the Club or the Board of Control. The Secretary is also responsible for the activities of the Membership and Personnel Recognition Committees.